Should You Grab that Cuppa?

For so many of us, a morning cup of coffee is not just a ritual — it’s a necessity. We treat coffee like water, a vital source of energy to power us through a hectic day. We’ve all heard the warnings about our beloved pick-me-up beverage: dependency, withdrawal, afternoon caffeine crashes, insomnia, indigestion, and even […]

Leadership Tip

Respond, Don’t React Reacting is unconscious — you experience an emotional trigger and behave in a way that expresses or relieves that emotion (e.g., you snap at an employee who’s just interrupted an important call). Responding, in contrast, is a conscious process — you notice how you feel, and then decide how you want to […]

The “dirty dozen”: top 12 employer harassment mistakes Constangy Brooks & Smith LLP Robin E. Shea USA August 8 2014 According to statistics collected by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, harassment charges have stayed relatively stable over the past three years, and the number of “cause” determinations has actually declined. (Yay!) Yet employers should still be […]

Illinois unemployment drops to six-year low

Craig Hinz – Crains Chicago News August 14, 2014 In news with clear political implications, state officials today announced that the Illinois unemployment rate has dropped for the fifth month in a row, to 6.8 percent — roughly where it was when the great subprime mortgage recession began. And even better, the decline now is […]