Cutting Costs with Staffing

As a strategic tool, staffing can enhance your company’s profitability by controlling employment and hiring expenses.  

Top 10 supervisory survival tools for 2013 By: A. Kevin Troutman As the new year unfolds, supervisors may have even less time to manage all the complexities that arise in the world of employment law. With goals and deadlines to meet, well-intentioned managers may be tempted to rely on experience and “common sense” to guide […]

American Staffing Association Opposes Extending Unemployment Benefits

ASA Opposes Expansion of Unemployment Benefits American Staffing Association (12/06/12) Toby Malara Earlier this week, the White House and Congress made proposals on how to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff-billions of dollars in government spending cuts and the expiration of tax breaks set to take effect in January. Although both plans focus mainly on tax […]