About Superior Staffing

Superior staffing and training services for Chicagoland’s employers and workers.

Why Superior Staffing?

Are you still wondering what Superior Staffing can do for you? Read on to see what some of our many long-term and satisfied customers have to say, then stop by one of our offices for a tour.

Focus on Relationship Building

At Superior Staffing, we’re not afraid to say that we outperform the competition. There are plenty of staffing agencies that can find temporary or permanent employees. However, can those agencies prove that they build lasting, reciprocal relationships with their clients that adapt to changes in their clients’ businesses? Our team has been an active participant in the conversations our clients have for planning and growth, and that has translated into long, rewarding partnerships.

Hands-On Ownership

Superior Staffing was founded in 2001. Ownership and Management have extensive experience in staffing and human resource management. Since the launch of the company in 2001, Ownership has remained hands-on, focusing on how a commitment and a concern for safety can translate into meeting the needs of our partners.

Fully Trained Team

Call our offices and whoever picks up the phone will be ready and able to answer your questions. We pride ourselves on having a core management team and staff that are second to none. As a company, your success means we have been successful, and each of our employees works to support your business in its progress.

Valuable Services

We say that we’re an extension of your own human resources department, and we follow through with that every day. From orientation to payrolling and everything in between, Superior Staffing can relieve the pressures of recruiting and training your employees, freeing up energy and time for you to focus on the business of doing your business. Our relationships aren’t just transactional – they are part of a process. We screen and conduct background checks on job candidates as needed and will follow up with on-site safety visits with our own Risk Management, as part of an educational process that ultimately helps your bottom line. Review our comprehensive list of services to find out what we can do for your company, starting immediately.

An Employee Resource

For job seekers, Superior Staffing serves as a powerful resource as employees look to find the “perfect fit” in a job and in a career. We are serious about the companies that we choose to work with; in many ways, we screen our clients as much as we screen our job seekers. At Superior Staffing, we select only those who demonstrate the same dedication we have to exceptional service, superior results and workplace safety. We can and will find you a better job with the right employer today.


We stand behind our work with a guarantee: for our clients, the first eight hours of a candidate’s employment are free if you notify us on the rare occasion that you are not satisfied with an employee.

EEOC Statement

Superior Staffing offers fair and equal opportunity for everyone, including protection from workplace harassment, regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, handicap, or disability. We recruit, process, and assign all applicants on the basis of their qualifications for the particular job, and we do so without regard to any factor unrelated to their ability to fulfill the job requirements. Superior Staffing offices may only accept customer requests for staffing help which meet these standards.

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