Going the Extra Mile

It’s how we provide our clients with extra value.

What You Can Expect from Us

At Superior Staffing, we are selective in terms of the companies and candidates that we take on as clients, especially when it comes to safety. And that approach has paid off—our retention rates for companies and job seekers have remained strong throughout our history.

Our sourcing and hiring process

There is an art and a science to identifying the correct candidate for a position. A person who is a fit for one company may not qualify for a position with another. So, throughout the process, our team keeps an open dialogue with the employee and the client company, to check in and to make adjustments as circumstances change.

Our “Three S” Commitment

Our trained, focused team manages and educates client companies about workers’ compensation and on-site safety issues. Superior Staffing screens the companies that we choose to work with rigorously. We examine safety records and the commitment of owners to maintain high standards for safety and maintenance and use that information to select our clients.

We believe that a focus on safety reaps great benefits for all, reducing the risk for accidents and keeping costs for workers’ compensation and insurance low. And to that end, Superior Staffing helps to educate our clients about their on-site safety issues with customized educational programs and worksite reviews with our own Risk Manager.

Our clients are a core part of our team, not just a number. As an extension of your human resources department, there is no line between where our business starts and where yours begins; your business is our business.

At Superior Staffing, we understand that your business needs can change rapidly. When you have an immediate need for staffing, our team can help you screen, train and fill your open positions on extremely tight deadlines. This quick turnaround applies even when the client requires drug tests, skills assessments and reference checks.

We invite you to find out exactly how Superior Staffing can put its experience and contacts to work for any sized business in the Chicago area. Call our office today at (630) 607-0890.