Are you covered?

 It’s April–and your employees are already planning their next vacations. Are you planning for their absence? Give us a call and we can help you arrange adequate coverage during staff vacations to keep your business running smoothly.

More Corporate Economists See Increased Hiring in Next Six Months

Wall Street Journal (04/22/13) Eric Morath A significant economic slowdown may not materialize this spring after all, according to the National Association for Business Economics. A NABE survey of corporate economists released Monday found U.S. companies are more optimistic about the economy and plan to hire. Some 40% of those surveyed say their company or […]

Terminations: A True Test of Your Company Culture

by Jim Roddy All of us have heard about messy terminations, and some of us have witnessed them firsthand. The most memorable are the employee who is escorted from the building, scowling at managers on the way out, or the guy who punches a hole in the conference room drywall in a fit of frustration. […]