As a leader, you’ll inevitably need to have difficult conversations with employees. Whether their performance isn’t meeting expectations, or they’re involved in a conflict with another team member, addressing behavior that needs to be changed can feel awkward and uncomfortable. But by leveraging effective leadership techniques, you can navigate these conversations constructively. This article outlines […]

The Antidote to Employee Apathy

Group of women with hands in the center making a circle

Few things are more frustrating than working with an apathetic teammate who constantly needs to be prompted and reminded to do their part, step up, or follow through. Most employees don’t start out indifferent or slow to act, so how do we get there? What apathy looks like: Okay with being just okay (or even […]

An Upside to Turnover?

Man carrying box in office

Employees will always come and go, but smart leaders take charge of turnover – and use it to systematically strengthen their workforce. Here’s how to transform the plague of turnover into healthy “churn”: Conventional wisdom tells us that turnover indicates deep-rooted problems in an organization. We have been taught that when turnover is low it […]

Is That Employee Ready to Lead?

“When is someone ready to lead?”It’s a simple, straightforward question leaders ask about their teammates and teammates ask about themselves. Although there isn’t a simple checklist that determines one’s capacity for influencing others or readiness for direct reports, there are seven characteristics I always look for in my leaders. They are viewed as a go-to […]