What the Concealed Carry Law Means for Staffing Companies

September 19th, 2013

Illinois House Bill 183 (found here) became law on July 9, 2013, making Illinois the last state to allow possession and concealed carry of a loaded firearm outside the home. The 2013 Illinois “Firearms Concealed Carry Act” lets a licensed gun owner carry concealed firearms in most workplaces unless the property owner prohibits concealed firearms on the property by posting a 4” by 6” sign.

If property owners and employers do not prohibit guns at the workplace, they could be liable for the resulting gun violence. Such liability may or may not be covered under the insurance policies of your staffing company and/or clients.


  • Unlike the laws in neighboring states, the Illinois law does not limit the liability of property owners or employers who permit concealed carry on their properties.
  • Business owners who rent may be at the mercy of their landlords to bar firearms on property that is not owned by them.
  • The law does not affect the employer’s right to regulate their employee’s behavior while the employee is working within the scope of his or her employment.
  • Property owners and employers in all states that allow firearms in the workplace may be liable for workers’ compensation, negligence and other tort liability based on injuries due to gun violence.


The Illinois statute still prohibits concealed carry at schools, government buildings, local parks, athletic facilities, hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities, transportation facilities, colleges/universities, sports arenas, libraries, zoos, museums and amusement parks.