Leadership Tip of the Month

As a leader, you must never view a problem as a distraction, but rather as a strategic enabler for continuously improving and identifying new opportunities. To effectively overcome challenges, use this four-step process: Communicate transparently, facilitating dialogue among all parties affected. Break down management silos to facilitate cross-functional collaboration and problem solving. Hire and develop […]

10 Things to Do Instead of Complain

10 Things to Do Instead of Complain By Linda Sasser Gratefulness probably won’t appear on any ranking of “Top leadership traits of successful CEOs” (or COOs, or CFOs, or directors, or managers, or line workers, for that matter). But I’m finding that it is a highly overlooked and undervalued characteristic of successful leaders at every […]

Quote of the Month

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” –Abraham Lincoln

Job Fair a Success!!!

Thanks for everyone who participated in our Melrose Park Job Fair this Saturday.  We had a great turnout and will be having one in our Addison office in June.  More details to follow.  If you missed us on Saturday you can still call for open positions.  708-345-8463   Thank you  


LEADERSHIP TIP OF THE MONTH: GET OVER IT! Threatened by people who are smarter than you? Get over it! Great leaders become even more successful when they build teams of true experts in their respective areas. What’s more, smart people want to work for secure leaders who will give them room to grow and freedom […]

Two Cool Breakthrough Technologies for 2016

2 Cool Breakthrough Technologies for 2016 Light bulbs as wireless hotspots — and 100x faster? Electromagnetic waves that make objects disappear? This stuff is intense. Game-changing. And it’s HERE. Technological innovation never sleeps. Even the youngest members of today’s workforce can remember a time when cell phones didn’t connect to the Internet or music was […]