11 Must-Do’s for a Kick A$$ Q4

There are three months left in 2018 – are you primed to make the most of them? Here’s what you should be doing now to finish Q4 strong – and create momentum to make next year your best yet. Get To It!  

Leadership Tip of the Month: Choosing the Right Leadership Style

Consider these questions when choosing the right style for you, your team and your entire organization: How do I like to help people? What leadership style will best suit my direct reports? (Consider experience, demographic factors, team size, member interdependence, nature of work and individual personalities) What did I like best about my favorite manager […]

Fact of the Month: Servant Leadership -> Greater Team Effectiveness

Leaders who applied the following servant leadership methodologies to their workgroup, significantly increased overall effectiveness: Providing Accountability Supporting and Resourcing Engaging in Honest Self-Evaluation Fostering Collaboration Communicating With Clarity Valuing and Appreciating